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Released February 1, 2024 is Jeremiah Gilmer’s bluegrass gospel album “Blessed Every Day”! The project features a variety of talent from around the United States, including Ron Stewart, Adam Miller, Josh Hicks and so many more!

“Blessed Every Day” is an Appalachian-style worship, bluegrass gospel album. It features eight new songs written by Jeremiah Gilmer and new arrangements to some old hymns and spiritual tunes. Heavily inspired by the works of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Kenny and Amanda Smith, the Issacs, and many more, Jeremiah wanted to create an album that can express the wonderful truths of the gospel and uplift those that hear it.

The album features bluegrass legend Ron Stewart on Fiddle. It also features up-and-coming vocalist like Shannon Baker, Grayson Lane, and Adam Miller. Eli Gilbert’s masterful banjo work throughout drives the music forward with pep and tone. It also features close friends John White, Logan Sutton, Caleb Cox, and Troy Boone on vocals. See details for a full list of artist and songs!

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About Jeremiah

Growing up, I was always surrounded by music. My father played bass and guitar at my church growing up. He would get together with other members of the church and with friends around the neighborhood to play bluegrass gospel songs from bands like the Lewis Family and the Easter Brothers. When the church band needed a mandolin player, I eagerly started picking up the instrument to keep up with them. At nine years old, I started playing the mandolin and learning from YouTube and DVD series like the Murphy Method.